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2 min readFeb 7, 2020


Hello #BestCommunityinCrypto,

After almost three years of research, building, bonding, and exploring this wild world of crypto and blockchain, today, February 7th, we release Molly. Created by @vito (in our Telegram Community) and the #BestCommunityinCrypto, Molly is here to set a new standard in the blockchain industry on design and user functionality and will lead to a path towards mass user adoption and commercialization.

Our goal is that Molly will be the go-to-place for all things Constellation, community, $DAG and data related. Our roadmap includes adding features that drive deeper engagement into our world, connect our community and node operators in a new way, and introduce enterprise commercialization and utility of our technology. We envision taking this wallet beyond the walls of crypto currency and crypto communities, but into broader consumer markets (enterprise and retail consumers alike).

Over the past several years, big tech and nations have perversely used our data, your data, to their benefit. Additionally, we have seen a lack of accountability of our data, by organizations, resulting in data breaches, sometimes the loss of your identity, and billions of dollars of taxpayers money.

Constellation will use Molly to return control of our data back to the people that made it — you!~

Molly is such an essential piece to the proliferation of the Constellation narrative as well as to the vision of data democratization and data governed by a global community across 92 countries. Molly is the portal where people will be able to govern their data and manage their $DAG, backed by a scalable and secure infrastructure- Hypergraph — to meet new demands of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Molly will be so much more than a crypto wallet. This is just the start.

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Ben jorgensen

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