From the CEO: What Matters Now

Ben jorgensen
2 min readJun 13, 2022

It’s all about the work, the people, and the community.

Like everybody else, I’m looking out at the state of the industry and there’s no sugarcoating it: it’s tough times in Web3 right now. Finances and lives are in disarray. It’s a moment for empathy and especially a moment to stay focused on what’s ahead for Constellation as a company — and there’s plenty. On a positive note, myself and the founders have been through three of these and we only got stronger through each downturn.

We’re steady. There are no pivots planned, no identity crisis, and no slowdowns or cuts. As a diversified company continually committed to our vision as the Web3 welcoming committee, we’ve always believed that looking ahead didn’t mean abandoning the legacy behind us. Adoption remains key to our 2022 strategy. We look forward to bringing new companies on board, and we’re talking to legacy companies about transitioning to Web3, too.

We’re building. Stay excited about Mainnet 2.0. because its L0 promise remains on track and intact. We have 70+ companies succeeding with us right now, and our commitment to leading the stakeholder economy is strong. Companies and the U.S. government are excited to build on the Hypergraph. That hasn’t changed. We’re making new and exciting partnerships to expand the scope of the tools and standards that people can build with as well as an evolution our hardware nodes that validate data, generate rewards, and further extend the Hypergraph into the world of IoT. What’s more, when we say we’re building, we mean that from every angle — technology and programs to help more people understand the importance and value Web3 holds for the future.

We’re growing. We’re hiring the right people in the parts of our company where we need razor-sharp focus, especially during times like this. Our technology is strong, our strategy is deep, and our vision is long-term, not short-term and speculative. There’s no need to act in a panicky, reactionary way when you’re confident in your team and your thought leaders. I am, and you can be, too. We have seen this before and we will certainly see it again as the industry grows and matures.

We have the best community in crypto. We know it. Many of you have been with us since the beginning, and your support and commitment energizes us. You’re essential to us as we expand and grow — you’re the ones who know best how to welcome others to Web3, and share the excitement and passion about the new Internet, the potential of ownership and control it holds. We appreciate you all.

If you want to know more, I’ll be on Twitter spaces Tuesday at 9:15 PDT. I hope you’ll stop by.

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