Constellation Network — MainNet Information for January 27, 2020

Ben jorgensen
3 min readJan 9, 2020

HELLLLLOOOOO Community! We heard you loud and clear over the past couple of weeks and feedback on the mainnet swap and the exchange of ERC20 Tokens for native tokens. I am pleased to announce that we will be doing an on exchange token swap, with KuCoin, in conjunction with the smart contract approach connected to the Molly Wallet. The swap is still scheduled for January 27th. You will need to have your tokens in by then or your smart contract ready with tokens in an ERC-20 Wallet.

Here is the video version of this message:

What does this mean? It means that you will have the option to leave your DAG Erc-20 tokens in the Kucoin exchange and the swap will happen automatically. You will then have the option to leave the tokens in the exchange or send them to the native Molly wallet.

MOLLY wallet

Here is a brief walk through of the wallet:

@armedvito, a Constellation Community member, has completed the wallet and is connecting it to the Constellation Hypergraph — our decentralized network! He has worked for months to make this the most innovative wallet in the industry. It will have so many new features being added over the next several months. Our hope, is that our wallet will become a new home base for the Constellation Community with news, twitter feeds, trading information, community info, governance information — Stardust Collective, and educational materials being accessible through the MOLLY wallet. This will redefine crypto communities and help in aiding the adoption of cryptocurrency altogether as it will resemble a Bloomberg Terminal.

Mateo Gold’ Medium article on the smart contract setup:

Validator Rewards and the activation of the network, beyond the Kucoin integration, will be postponed till after the KuCoin swap and the release of the MOLLY wallet. We want to ensure we onboard all batches in a timely manner and coordinate all the node operating groups securely and with excellent communication. Additionally, we want to ensure there are other unforeseen issues when activating the decentralized network and node operators. We want to ensure we quickly onboard the foundational nodes.

**Please Note, we have not selected Batch 3. We are still reviewing. If you are interested, talk to one of the admins — we have a lot of interested parties.

The only other delay I foresee is that Kucoin has mentioned that they might be on holiday for Chinese New Year on January 27th. If that is the case, we will only delay it a few days. The tech is ready! Please know that we are working hard as always to get the network of the future running and flowing! This is an extremely exciting time for us and for the Best Community in Crypto!

Thank you all! We have more exciting news coming over the next few months! Standby — this is a huge milestone for all of us!

Benjamin Jay.



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