Constellation and Lattice Review of 2020

Ben jorgensen
8 min readDec 4, 2020

Message to Constellation and Lattice Communities

Video Update:

The Company

This year has been transformative. We achieved so much during a global pandemic and lockdown. We formed 12 partnerships, completed the sales accelerator program DCODE, launched a 60 node distributed and decentralized main net, created another multi-million dollar project called Lattice, and doubled our team.

$DAG — the cryptocurrency — now runs on a totally decentralized distributed system, with 60 foundational nodes, designed using a directed acyclic graph with concurrent consensus mechanisms running. This is an incredible achievement as there is nothing like it and I have to thank the brilliant engineers that have taken it to the next level. $DAG is just the MVP of what we want to do with validating tokenized data across our network. Through this process we have learned what it takes to build a DAO and a community supported network.

Additionally, we have expanded our team while simultaneously establishing roles in the Stardust Collective which will help us scale the organization exponentially. With this new support and organization, we introduced our ecosystem, and a financial use case, by launching Lattice over the course of just 3 months. The expansion will further help us build great products, developer adoption, and market the entire ecosystem. Lattice was the start of our team learning how we function and grow, what regulatory limitations (if any) would exist with the introduction of state channels and our own ecosystem, how the feedback loop of operations, business development, engineering development, and marketing will exist with our core organization and projects that need support, funding, and leadership. It was the start to understanding the dynamic of the Constellation as an evolving organization and how it will scale exponentially.

In 2020, we built over a dozen partnerships ranging from clients in the non-profit space, to consortia(s), research projects, and publicly traded companies, like Splunk, that drive a complete end to end narrative around data pipeline security.

Our team has evolved into one of the most ruthless and diligent teams I could have ever imagined working with. Our community is one of the most intelligent and hard working in crypto. It hasn’t been an easy road but we have persevered through a lot of foundation building.

This was the year of building and we’ve built a fantastic foundation, two organizations with multi-million dollar market caps. With the creation of every foundation there are hurdles and kinks. We are working to address every perspective, qualm, and voice amongst our community, partners, and core team. Thank you all for helping build this incredible ecosystem with us — this was quite a year that planted the foundation for a 2021 as the EXPONENTIAL year of growth.


As many of you know, we spent most of 2019 building the community organically. In 2020, we took it on ourselves to build out the marketing team as we prepare for people to build applications on Constellation’s ecosystem. We focused on Lattice as a way to test the waters with new teammates while getting them acclimated to our vision, technology, company, and community. We successfully brought them in and integrated them as a part of our culture and family with the goal of producing long term and exciting results.

Our Marketing Team successfully created a myriad of explainer videos, set up countless AMAs, and have recently got us major headlines in the press. I am really pleased with the progress the marketing team has done with Lattice in such a short time and for being a brand new organization. It takes time to introduce a company culture and values to new people.

The marketing strategy and roadmap for 2021, which kicked off last week, will be to start taking a more DAG/Constellation/Hypergraph approach. We will continue strong on the marketing of Lattice but will bake Lattice in as a use case built on Constellation’s Hypergraph. We chose Lattice as a financial use case to highlight how Constellation’s HGTP (Hypergraph Transfer Protocol) can be used to disrupt the finance industry. Over the course of the next few years, we will continue to build out projects, companies, and use cases that tackle major problems in other industries while showcasing how Constellation’s technology can disrupt every major industry.

Additionally, pur goal over the next year is to build a more collaborative approach between Stardust Collective, the community, and Constellation’s product development team. This will include product marketing materials and business updates that are initiated from the core team and then highlighted and amplified by the marketing team. This will paint a picture and strong path forward for seamless adoption of Constellation’s Hypergraph in 2021.


Two years ago, Mathias, Wyatt, and I started pitching centralized exchanges the idea of adding Constellation to validate transactions and provide more transparency to their network — a Powered By Constellation (offering assurance and safety to traders on exchanges). I think we all know that was a tough hill to climb. As a result, Lattice kicked off back in June when Mathias and I co-authored a white paper that went viral in the DeFi space. It was a successful raise with some incredible backers. We hit a bit of a rough patch on the launch of the token, and as such several great press outlets have covered our story and the shadiness of many of these tier two exchanges and IEO’s. We also saw several backers lean in to help us out. We have a lot more support coming alongside DAG and Lattice over the next couple of months.

Mathias and I quickly caught some of the issues upon distribution of the token, probably because we had spent so much time understanding the trading dynamics of DeFi. Many companies don’t aren’t aware of some of the theatrics behind the scenes and highway robbery goes unpunished. As such we are shifting a lot of our technological roadmap to offer tools that provide more insight into transactions and trading — we want honest data for a trusted future. We need more tools to access liquidity pools and provide deeper insights alongside community sentiment. Additionally, LTX will be the token that unlocks these features and functionalities, governance, and liquidity pools (and potentially listings).

Our community has grown strong and we will be inviting LTX holders to help us build out Lattice in December with the first phase of the launch on test net. With the DeFi space maturing, we want to invite early backers to build this platform in a decentralized way. We will be sending invites in mid December for holders to participate in providing iterative feedback on the platform. With so many scams in the space occurring, we want to give the community the responsibility to add in features and functionalities they want to see before the launch of the platform on Constellation Hypergraph in Q2 2021. With regulatory pressures surrounding DeFi, we want to follow emerging policies and frameworks by making this a decentralized organization from the start. Lattice will be launched on Constellation’s Hypergraph as one of the first cross-chain compatibility, on a totally decentralized and distributed network, while being built by and for the community.


Exponential adoption of our infrastructure will be exacerbated by the One-to-Many Approach on the business side. Benjamin Diggles has created one of the best strategies I have ever seen for an organization that is completely avant garde (and it is working just as planned). As such, we have built so much trust across various organizations such as Mobi, Splunk, Space ISAC, the Federal Government, and hundreds of other smaller organizations that will be building their future with Constellation. This foundation of trust across these partners will allow us to exponentially scale over the next couple of years — showing how DAG and Enterprise co-exist and work hand in hand.

Benjamin Diggles’s most recent update:


Wyatt and the team have been steadily building out the protocol for future app developers. Our approach to State Channels will be the first leaderless authentication solution while tokenizing data. This usher in new accountability across data pipelines and data creation to secure the applications of tomorrow. Our technology solves many needs across the next generation of applications by providing authentication and security to distributed databases and networks. No longer do we discuss the need for “blockchain” but instead talk about how our consensus mechanism and distributed networks will pave the way for more secure communications and data audibility across every industry (ex. healthcare, finance, advertising), satellites, autonomous vehicles, and other areas where data privacy is critical.

I have had some time to briefly review the technical roadmap with Wyatt and the engineering team for 2021 and 2022. This is probably more exciting than launching the mainnet as we will be releasing state channels as a more robust layer 2 solution for developers that leverages our Hypergraph. This will open up doors to create an ERC-20-like standard, with expanded capabilities and permissions. This will allow us to bridge the gap of providing tools and transparency for Lattice and cross chain functionality. Our team is making quick strides getting to deploy an SDK to tap into the Hypergraph and have successfully deployed an upgraded Molly Wallet that already teases out cross chain functionality through an Air Drop of LTX (an ERC-20 token). One of the most interesting things that Wyatt will be releasing in a white paper is one of our hidden goals: to create a google like query-ability across our entire network of validated data pipelines, state channels, and applications while highlighting our product Spore as a metered infrastructure as a service solution to monitor alerts triggered through an integration.

A truly decentralized Google for data and hosted solutions.


2021 is the year of growth that will include a new technical white papers, tokenomics, partner onboarding onto the Hypergraph, and use cases galore coming from these early adopters. We will introduce more responsibility to Stardust Collective (our 40+ member DAO that educates our community on DAG) to invest in future projects to be built on Constellation while continuing to drive a strong narrative around utilizing the network.

During COVID, we have seen tech giants emerge as the success stories. The world is becoming vastly more digital than we have ever seen with organizations and people are rapidly changing their behavior to be more accustomed to the digital world. As such, security concerns and data use will grow exponentially (odd that 5g was introduced this year). Federal governments, developers, and organizations are looking for ways to securely tokenize their data for privacy, create improved and programmatic adherence to regulatory bodies, and robust audibility for complete transparency and security.

We are finally entering an era where our digital footprint and identity will be available to more people and organizations. This poses new unforeseen security risks across our antiquated digital infrastructure. Constellation has built an infrastructure and technology that every organization and application will need to be compliant for the future and $DAG will be the binding agent and means by which data is securely tokenized and transferred between machines.

Constellation Network will flourish during the most fascinating and technologically groundbreaking time the world has ever seen. The Constellation Framework was designed for this very moment.

See you all in the future!



Ben jorgensen

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