Business Use Cases for Scalable Blockchain

How Constellation is Approaching Blockchain Differently

  • Interoperability: For true interoperability to exist, high throughput is necessary to communicate quickly between software, hardware, and various devices. Additionally, cross-device/software/chain compatibility will be required for transactions between technology stacks.
  • AI: Through our distributed operating system, we will create a neural or mesh network and enable application developers the ability to use AI throughout the development of various micro-services.
  • Identity: Constellation will create the ability to record biometric identities and personal information, and allow consumers use and sell their recorded data at will to further integrate with connected devices.
  • Remittance: Payment processing speeds are the first thing to solved as the current transaction speed is still a fraction of what major credit card companies, such as VISA, see today. The ability to earn money and simultaneously store or transfer earnings will be the first problem that Constellation attempts to solve.

Market Opportunities

  1. 5 Billion connected retail consumers that have access to the internet, mobile devices, and computers (smartphone, iPad, personal computers)
  2. 75 Billion Connected Devices by 2022 (servers, cars, sensors)
  1. Application developers that need to leverage low-cost and secure distributed computing
  2. Application developers that will leverage a powerful independent mesh network of devices and validators
  3. Enterprise applications that can leverage distributed microservice technology in a high throughput capacity
  4. Constellation’s in-house developed applications that leverage incentives and a global network
  • Financial Services: Empowering individuals to earn passive income by participating in our delegate selection and giving them the ability to send and transfer funds with zero transaction fees creates a decentralized bank.
  • Automotive: Diagnostic reporting to multiple vendors, intra mobility and payments between machines/microservices (eWallet), and predictive maintenance.
  • Insurance: Aggregate data and multiple touchpoints to improve underwriting services from multiple industries.
  • IoT: Truly connect cities, automobiles, sensors, and multiple data points to create independent interconnectivity.
  • Energy: Enable consumers to transact solar from owned energy grids independent of centralized metering.
  • Utilities (water and sanitation): Enable new application level growth on monitoring antiquated infrastructure to save trillions of dollars on wasted resources.
  • Healthcare: Store, tokenize, and transact unique biometric identity that is interoperable between devices, software, and. Additionally, the use of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality have created unprecedented opportunity for neural networks and robots to decrease human error on surgeries and diagnosis.

Macroeconomic Trends

  1. Create an easy way for individuals to become earners and participate
  2. Empower every device the ability to participate in distributed computing
  3. Enable the seamless transaction between people and devices
  4. Enable cross chain transactions between blockchains, currencies, and services

Why Now? Connected Devices

How? Connecting the Globe

Concluding Thoughts




Building big data on blockchain and experiential dining: CEO of Constellation Network; Co-Owner of MZ Dining Group (Ittoryu Gozu); Owner of A5 Meats.

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Ben jorgensen

Ben jorgensen

Building big data on blockchain and experiential dining: CEO of Constellation Network; Co-Owner of MZ Dining Group (Ittoryu Gozu); Owner of A5 Meats.

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